Areas of Practice


Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and ADR helps parties looking for alternatives to resolve issues and keep costs to a minimum, consider mediation as a cheap and confidential way for parties to peaceably settle disputes. The Mediator listens to both parties and can help find common ground to avoid a seemingly never ending conflict. Whether your issue is Family or Civil related ask how I can act as a neutral third party.

Civil Matters

Whether you have been wronged or need to plan for a future to limit your liability and potential litigation, the Law Office of C.W. Carver offers a wide range of services and support to help secure a positive outcome for you, your family, or your business. Everything from Contracting, Estates, Property, Government Regulations to Mineral Interests and Family Law. I want to help you get the representation you deserve and advocate zealously for your interests.

Criminal Issues

I understand this may be a confusing and difficult time for you and your family. I may be able to give you my professional help through this complicated and lengthy process. My experience as a former prosecutor may help serve your goals.

A criminal conviction may hurt your ability to: get a job, drive a car, rent an apartment, vote, possess a firearm, attend school, or even your relationship with your children.

My Passion is Fighting for your Rights!